Artificial Intelligence, Computational Vision, and Bioinformatics at UHV

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This is the Artificial Intelligence, Computational Vision, and Bioinformatics group website within the University of Houston-Victoria. We are a research team working on the computationl tools and technique to develop Artificial Intelligene methodologies for Computational Vision, and Graphical and Bioinformatics solutions. Our research group is investigating the state-of-the-art interdesciplinary research on a variety of fields in biology, statistics, cognitive psychology, graphics and simulation, as well as computer science.

If you would like to participate in any of our projects please select the "Enroll" tab from the above menu. You will be taken to the enrollment page where you can select a date you could participate in an active testing the project or join our teams within any of the research subgroups.

There are a limited number of internship opportunities available with the TimeGate gaming company in Sugar Land, TX. If you an undergraduate or graduate student at the UHV enrolled in Computer Science or Digital Gaming and Simulation, and interested spending one semester in TimeGate as an interen you can use the "Internships" page to submit your application.